Transfer a photo to wood...

 Transferring a photo to wood is one of my favorite crafting techniques!  Transferring any image I want from paper to another surface is so much fun and surprisingly easy to do.  I’ve transferred images to fabric and even on to painted surfaces .  Once you give this a try, I think you’ll find yourself looking for more ways to apply this technique!

Table or Bench

Palle can be found everywhere in the surroundings as these shipping skid become useless after retirement from the ships.You can make many swank and extraordinary uses of pallet wood just like this diy reclaimed pallet table or bench design.This custom built type of diy pallet table can be used in multiple ways without any hitch trouble.Crafting and recycling of wood is the best way to save the wood for a very long time by keeping it in use.
We have raised it in pretty rustic appearance which has further been highlighted with a clear wash.You can meet you sitting needs too out of it by using it as a diy pallet bench at your home front porch or in garden.The design is just simple but unique and can add a unique character to any living space.Wooden knots,imperfect surface and holes make a great rustic history that looks much arresting.If this design of table which is one of great diy pallet ideas,has made you stimulated to get it then it is much easy to make a copy of it at home just get some pallets for this purpose.

Coffe table with lights

You can meet some rustic pallets in home surroundings and to do some really appreciating out of them.It is really a pleasing experience to work with pallets as you gain sturdy diy pallet furniture on a much cheap budget.This time we achieved a diy pallet coffee table with glass top and it has been featured with push led lights.You can significantly put in your living room to have a centerpiece out of it.
We have used the green tainted glass which bleached all the pallets for clean and asesthetic look to for more than just a table out of it.Gain this much rare diy pallet glass top coffee table with a very handy work done on pallets.Lights will create a friendly and chic environment at your cozy summer evenings.

Garden creation

Here we have a beautiful garden creations with shelves to deposit your favorite items like,plants,or any decor.You can create it easy like you see in the photo.You need 3 euro pallets and some planks.Make sure that you will screw the construction well.After that take a green plastic paint or other color and fix it.Its very smart,and practical construction.Good Luck

Pallet living

Amazing living room with pallets and crates.At first you need to find 2 euro pallets and place them the one over the other and screw them well.Then you need 1 crate( its not hard to find).Now start brushing the constructions and if you want burn them a bit with a blowtorch.After that you can add pillows in every color you like

Side table

This is a side table that will be very comfort or you.You can create it with your untrained hands and whole layout can be purely resurrected out of shipping pallet.This table can go for many decorative and storage space to store your books and other accessories at the time of need.If you really like it,dont waist time and create  it

Pallet wall

Here we have a big construction.Create a pallet wall in your bathroom.You just need to broke up the pallets and take the planks.Then you should better cut them in unevenly shapes,to place them on the wall.Then you must brush them very well for smooth surface.Its very nice construction and very economic.Try it


This is a pallet easel, created from  pallets.You just need one or two euro pallets depends on the size.Then you have to take the planks of it and screw them together until you create this shape.You can also put some varnish if you want(maybe dark)


This is a bench created from pallets.We need to broke the euro pallets and take the planks.Then we must create a border and then fill in the spaces with other planks.Do it again until you create it like you see in photo.The color is very attractive and vintage.You need to paint it in every color you like and then you should brush it to success this old type.